Our Impact

Youth Homes Supported Through PYF

Youth Who Have Served in Their Community

Churches learning about Foster Care

Youth in support groups after leaving care

Families registered to foster since 2020

Art and Music Students Growing Through Expression

“PYF is a community that has been influential for me.  Especially helping me make more stable decisions because they support my spirit well.”


God First


Youth Leadership Academy

“PYF is a family giving love, warmth, and understanding.  I don’t have to ask for it.  They have helped me be brave enough to give to others through the love that God has given me.  I am able to love myself and others more because of it. “

“For me, PYF is a family of loving brothers and sisters.  They gave me importance, thoughtful care, and support.  They’ve always been encouraging and understanding as they’ve taught me to grow in Christ.  They’ve always been behind me.”


Youth Leadership Academy


God First

” PYF has given me opportunities to serve that I normally don’t have, and to use and develop my capacity more.  PYF brings more good people into our lives.  They encourage me, being friends in Christ that strengthen each other.”

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