Our Staff

Adam Griffith

“The Boss”, Adam helped co-found PYF in 2013. He is the administrative, analytical, and strategic thinker…basically “boring”.  Not a fan of music, chocolate, or coffee.  However, he is passionate about helping build PYF as a sustainable asset to the Thai Christian community, helping youth to encounter and pursue God, and giving them opportunities to learn, fail, and grow through different projects.

Amonrat Gosonvong (Tan)

Tan, our Director, provides counseling, plans activities, and coordinates between youth homes and the youth. As a former nurse who seeks to assist not only physically but spiritually, she teaches the Bible, provides counsel and spiritual encouragement. “Children have potential, are valuable and special, yet we often focus more on adults” She loves music, time with her family, and has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate.  Her family owned cafe, Let’s Play Cafe, is a space for the community to play together, hear the gospel, and taste the love of God (though the coffee is good too).

Tassaneeya Thavornrattana (Plong)

Plong is PYF’s social worker directing One Family One Life (foster care advocacy) as well as making sure PYF follows regulations and Child Rights Act. She came from Pathumthani but has lived in Chiang Mai for more than 22 years. She enjoys traveling in nature and watching investigative documentaries. Her ultimate goal is to use her knowledge and abilities to support and develop children and youth’s potential to see them live and grow up beautifully as God has intended. 

Pawitra Rakchat (Teuy)

Teuy Co-leads God First, a support group helping youth who have transitioned out of youth homes.  She builds relationships which lead to counseling, healing, and of course laughter! She speaks Lahu and Ahka, loves singing, music, movies, food, and sleep. She doesn’t like to exercise but wants to stay healthy. Since the Lord opened the door for her to work at PYF, she seeks to help youth find their way back to God. She also came from a youth home, giving her the ability to empathize with their experience.  “Living life happily everyday is my goal.”

Allison Duncan

Allison, also Al, co-leads God First, a support group helping youth who have transitioned out of youth homes. She also teaches English at youth homes PYF is connected with. Her interests include reading, writing, running, and drinking lots of tea. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do but can barely remember it. She never wants to stop looking for opportunities to empower youth and walk alongside them towards Christ.

Chaowalit Boonket (Aof)

Aof co-leads Youth Leadership Academy, a program developing youth into servant leaders,  facilitates respite events giving youth home staff the opportunity to take time off, and mentors many youth.  He loves teaching piano, giving youth a chance to explore and express themselves. He enjoys music, fishing, and growing his hair long. He grew up in residential care in Chonburi and is passionate about supporting those who were like him. He wants to use his life experiences and gifts to encourage youth.

Pitchanan Tantipongsakun (Ploy)

Ploy lives at Baan Selah, living with the women to encourage and support them in the midst of difficult challenges they are facing.  She also helps out with our Respite programs, leading activities, skits, and games. She gets a lot of live from making food that makes others smile…and eating that food too!  She loves going on trips, but just every now and then.  Her daughter is her everything.  She seeks to help in any way possible, even if they are ways that don’t get much recognition.  She seeks to grow more so that she can continue to serve others through empathy and the love of Christ.

Nopporn Sakchotthitikun (Boy)

His main priority is supporting foster care, advocating for foster care in the community, as well as walking alongside interested families as they go through the process to become a foster family. He is also involved in supporting youth who have graduated out of youth homes as they adjust to life after.   He loves doing things with friends, from soccer to small group, kayaking to laughing.  He appreciates learning new things from others.  Oh, and of course, he enjoys stuffing his face with good Thai food.  He has a passion for seeing youth grow into the dreams they have for themselves.

Rungarun Phajongjitworapian (Meh)

Meh is the project manager of Baan Selah, while also supporting other projects including One Family, One Life, Telos, and teaching occasionally at PYF events.  She likes to relax at cafes, de-stress with yoga, and go to the movies with popcorn just for herself.  She likes to buy books more than read them.  She cares about sharing the love of Christ any way she can.

Hannah Parobek

Hannah creates curriculum, coordinates events, teaches art/english, and improves the aesthetics for all things PYF. The creative problem-solver. She is Mr. Pancake’s mom, the persian cat (mr.pancake_the_cat). She loves eating honey toast, playing with cats, going to Mae Kampong, and fly yoga. She seeks to use life to glorify God, and be there for youth who need someone. “I’m not that interesting of a person” said Hannah, in her green leopard dress and blue nails.

Kristy Griffith

Kristy helped co-found PYF in 2013 and is passionate about seeing Thai youth engage with Christ and become empowered to live the life God has for them. She is involved with our God First transitional group and is currently pursuing her Masters in counseling. She loves meaningful conversations, decorating for holidays, coffee, and reading -when time allows. Her youngest child is also featured in this photo, now almost 1.

Nontanan Yamwong (Tarn)

Tarn is the accounting and visa wizard for PYF.  She uses k-pop, hip hop and rock music to motivate her throughout the day. She’s driven to learn new things and loves animation, manga, yoga, and law.  “No matter what background or who you are, God can use you if you are willing to let Him.”

Luke Miller

Luke led youth ministry and worked at an addiction recovery program before the Lord led him and his family to serve in Thailand. Luke is passionate about working with and supporting youth in Thailand as they face life’s many challenges often with little or no support. Mountains are his natural habitat.  He loves spending his free time kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Eating spicy Thai food is an important part of his day. Luke loves working alongside the PYF team as they daily seek to love, support, and share the gospel with young people in Thailand.

Devin Hubbard

Devin co-leads Youth Leadership Academy, is involved with One Family One Life (foster care advocacy), and God First, a support group for youth who’ve graduated out of youth homes. He enjoys Thai raw meat dishes, dabbling in triathlon, thai puns, and contemplating the deeper things in life, like Americano or Thai tea. He is passionate about connecting youth with the full life God desires for them because he believes there is nothing more strategic than investing in that hope.