Our Story 

Prosperous Youth Foundation was founded in 2012 by two couples from the same mission organization.  One of the husbands, a Thai national, grew up in a youth home in Chiang Mai and saw the great need to support these at-risk youth in youth homes.  


With a passion for youth ministry and seeing youth thrive in relationship with Christ, they set off to connect with every Christian youth home in the city of Chiang Mai.  With no network already in place, the team drove around the entire city, looking for signs of youth homes.  After discovering over 70 homes scattered across the city, they began to develop programs that would give support in holistic ways to these youth in youth homes. 


PYF started with just 4 staff and has grown throughout the years.  In the beginning, PYF staff began to build relationships with youth homes by teaching English and Bible lessons weekly to the youth and focusing on respite programs to give overworked youth home staff a chance to have a day off while the youth were cared for by our staff.  In addition, our biggest annual event – the PYF camp – began in 2014.  We invite youth from all of our networked youth homes to join together in worshipping God and learning more about what He is doing in their lives. 



As time has gone on, we have developed new projects out of real needs we were observing.  Our annual camp helped us to cultivate a student leadership training group that comes together to plan and implement their own community project each year.  In 2019, after walking alongside many youth consistently, we also created a small group directed towards youth transitioning out of youth homes to life on their own in a big city.   


In advocating for these youth, PYF began partnering with other NGOs in 2019 to develop the foster care network in Chiang Mai, with the hopes of placing youth with foster care families.  


As PYF grows and continues to move forward, we anticipate future projects to develop out of needs that we see.  We hope to address any needs and give our support as we disciple and walk alongside youth in youth homes in Chiang Mai.