Bridging Youth to the Abundant Life

Our Work

PYF has always sought to allow our programs to arise out of the felt needs expressed by the community of youth and youth homes in Chiang Mai.  Over time, we’ve recognized our unique role in supporting them through our 4 main focuses:

Training, Resourcing, Advocacy, and Counsel.

All of our specific programs include one or more of these focuses.


We provide transformative training opportunities for youth and youth home staff, equipping them to live well, lead well, and serve well in their communities.  This includes leadership development, best care practices, music, art, and trauma healing.


We support youth homes with resources that will help them to function effectively and provide them with tools that will help the youth grow in all areas of their lives.  By utilizing our network of youth homes, NGOs, and churches, we are able to connect these services and resources to the youth who need them.  


We care about every youth living in a youth home in Chiang Mai, supporting them through words and actions.  In wanting the best for these youth, we partner with local churches, the government, and NGOs to raise awareness towards the best overall care for these children and youth.


Counsel encapsulates our discipleship focus in a holistic way.  Pointing youth towards Christ and experiencing a full life in Him is the most important aspect of our ministry.  This includes camps, mentoring, relational ministry, as well as consulting opportunities with youth homes.

Programs and Activities

Within PYF’s 4 main focuses are several specific programs, outreaches, and activities.  Some are directly tied to one focus, while others include multiple.

God First


Mentoring Relationships

Selah House

One Family One Life

PYF Camp

Youth Home Training



Mission Partnerships